Why refer to us?

We are in-network with Aetna, Assurant, Foris, Cigna, Delta Premier, Dentemax, MetLife, Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Guardian, United Health Care, Humana and Superior Dental Care. We accept all traditional insurance plans and also offer CareCredit for patient needing to make payments. Even if patient’s insurance is out-of-network, they will often cover a portion of the fee.


We have made a significant investment in using the highest quality microscopes available. We use the microscope from start to finish for each case without exception. We also have incorporated clinical photographs into the practice so that we are better able to communicate details of the case to you. Our microscopes are also equipped with an assistant scope. This allows the assistant to be an integral part of the treatment, which translates into a better experience for your patient.



Each patient is returned with full color report detailing the diagnosis and treatment rendered, including pre- and post-op radiographs and clinical photographs. Future treatment recommendations as well as other details of the case are thus communicated.

In addition to the mailed and/or emailed reports, you can visit our website to find a history of all your patients referred to our office. We can provide you with the needed Doctor ID and password in order to visit the external site which has been encrypted for your security. This increases efficiency and convenience for your office, and makes sure you always have a report when needed.

Other Technologies

Dr. Wilde also uses other technologies to improve patient care.

The office is equipped with two ultrasonic instruments. Ultrasonics are useful in conserving tooth structure, located difficult to find calcified canals, removing pulp stones, removal of posts and activation of irrigants. The EndoActivator is also used for greater cleaning of canal spaces.

Kodak digital sensors are comfortable to patients and provide timely radiographic data. They also offer enhanced visualization of roots and canal spaces.


Dr. Jeremy Wilde is committed to providing patients with the best care possible. As part of this commitment, our office has recently added a new Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) system.


Detailed Images for Improved Treatment

The CS 9000 is a 3D imaging system that revolutionizes our patient treatment by helping us diagnose more accurately. This allows Dr.Wilde to provide treatment with unprecedented confidence. This powerful device features up to seven fields of view for 3D images, ranging from 5cm X 5cm to 17cm X 13.5cm, as well as 2D digital panoramic imaging with variable focal trough technology. Visit https://www.carestream.com/9000-extraoral-imaging-system.html for more technical specifications.  With precise 3D panoramic images, it has unprecedented levels of clarity to assure diagnostic confidence and acceptance of treatment plans.


Reduced Exposure to Radiation            

Because our new 3D system allows our technicians to target a precise area for exposure, patients will be exposed to significantly less radiation . The system combines speed, image quality and precision placement to dramatically reduce the occasional need for retakes.


Collaboration with your Office

3D images from the CS 9000 are generated in standard DICOM format for easy image sharing, should we need to review and discuss images from a specific case. We can quickly and simply share high-resolution images of the area of concern via USB drive or CD – allowing us to collaborate on treatment planning and improve the patient’s experience.


The new CS 9000 helps Dr. Wilde achieve his desire to deliver the highest possible standard of patient care. Please call anytime to schedule a visit with our office and see our technological advances. We appreciate your confidence and look forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come!