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Freqently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

We are in-network providers for Aetna PPO, Anthem, Assurant, Cigna, Decare, Delta, Dental Connection, Dental Wellness Partners, Encore, Fortis, Geha, Guardian, Humana, Maverest, Metlife, Stonebridge, Superior Dental Care, United Health Care, Dentemax, AFCSME, AIG, Always Care, Avesis, Care Improvement Plus, Coresource, Dearborn National, Medical Mutual, Molina, Mutual Of Omaha, Premier Access and Sunlife. Even if you are out of network, your insurance may cover at in-network percentages; please call us and we can let you know.

What is my copay?

If you have dental insurance, we will call your insurance company personally or visit them online in order to get the best estimate of your copay before your treatment begins. 

What is a root canal?

Root canal treatment is the process of cleaning the infected tissue from the space inside of the tooth. The tooth is disinfected in an effort to reduce the bacterial load as much as possible. Then the space is dried and filled with a root canal filling in order to prevent the re-entry of bacteria.

Is a root canal painful?

We will do everything in our power to assure that the treatment is not painful or uncomfortable. We will gently numb the area and make sure that the area is profoundly numb. This feeling should resolve in about 2-4 hours.

Are the roots removed?

The roots of the tooth are not removed. The space inside the roots is simply cleaned and disinfected and the roots remain to support the tooth. Is it normal for my tooth to still be uncomfortable a week later? Since teeth which require root canal treatment are often infected and painful before treatment begins, it takes a few days to weeks for nature to have time to repair the damage. Patience and pain relievers will help you through this time.

Which pain medications are the best?

I usually recommend 600-800mg of Ibuprophen (i.e. Advil or Motrin) every 6 hours, unless you cannot take it for other medical reasons (ask your physician). For intense pain you can also add 1000mg Acetaminophen (i.e. Tyenol) every 6 hours. See Guidelines for Pain Control in the Patient Information section for more detailed information.

Is the tooth dead after a root canal?

The tooth will not be sensitive to hot or cold anymore, but you will be able to feel the tooth when you bite down. The ligament surrounding the tooth and connecting it to the bone will still allow you to feel the tooth when you chew.

Can I chew on the tooth?

We don’t recommend chewing anything on the tooth till the final restoration is placed. The risk of tooth fracture is high in treated teeth without full coverage crowns. The final restoration and/or crown should be placed by your general dentist within 3 weeks after the root canal is done, but could be done the same week if needed.

Will the root canal be done in one visit?

If the tooth can be adequately cleaned and disinfected, then we aim to finish treatment in one visit. Certain levels of infection require more than one visit to treat, including: presence of an abscess, swelling, complex tooth anatomy, and extra canal spaces.


Our Team


Jeremy Wilde, DMD, MSD

Dr. Jeremy Wilde earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Brigham Young University, and a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Case Western Reserve University. After completing an Advanced Education of General Dentistry certificate, he went on to complete a Master’s degree in the Department of Endodontics at Case Western Reserve University.

Dr. Wilde is trained in current technologies and cutting-edge techniques, including dental operating microscopes, rotary endodontic instruments, warm vertical condensation, passive ultrasonic irrigation and clinical photography. He is a member of the American and Ohio Dental Associations, the American and Ohio Associations of Endodontics, and the Northeast Ohio Dental Society.

He and his wife Rochelle are the proud parents of four boys and four girls. Jeremy spends most of his free time enjoying life with Rochelle and their children. He also enjoys playing the guitar and watching NBA Basketball.



Office Manager

Kate is Dr. Wilde’s office manager and has over 17 years of experience in the dental field. She is a graduate of Kent State University with a BFA in sculpture and is also a certified dental assistant. She enjoys meeting new patients and reconnecting with returning patients. Kate has a cat and an Iguana and has interest in film.



Chairside Assistant

Ashley is a graduate of Cleveland Institute of Dental and Medical Assistants and she completed her externship with Dr. Wilde. Her personality and helpful nature will provide you with a pleasant visit. She enjoys everything Disney, movies, skiing, boating, and her dogs Billy, Wesley and Mila.



Front Desk/Dental Assistant

Holly is a certified dental assistant and has worked in the dental field for 19 years. She enjoys working with Dr. Wilde because of his caring and compassionate nature. Dr. Wilde treats each patient with respect and provides outstanding treatment. She has been married to her husband Chris for 27 years.  



Dental Assistant/Lab Tech/Purchaser

Ryan has been a dental assistant for years and is a certified dental radiographer.  He graduated from John Carroll University with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science/ Environmental Science. Ryan enjoys talking and laughing with people, so you will be sure to be comfortable – even at the dentist.   He enjoys playing the guitar and has interest in music, film and sports.

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Our Technology


All treatment is done under a Dental Operating Microscope (DOM).  This allows Dr. Wilde to be conservative in how the tooth is cut, and also gives him the magnification needed to adequately clean your tooth.  Dental microscopes help give you the best treatment possible.




We utilize Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) to aid in diagnosis and treatment.  This technology is a 3-Dimensional scan which takes out a lot of the guess work with root canal treatment.  We use a scanner which uses the smallest field of view to keep the exposure to radiation at a minimum.  We can also give your dentist a copy of the scan so they can be on the same page with your treatment.


Digital Radiography

Our digital X-rays use the lowest possible radiation and are instantly available.  Digital X-rays have a high resolution which aids in treatment and diagnosis. They also make it easy to communicate with your dentist, so that they see the same image we see.


Patient Reviews

I had a great experience at Dr. Wilde’s office.  Dr. Wilde and his staff are very nice, helpful and funny. I am glad to have had such wonderful dental care.


Visiting a dentist’s office can be stressful, but I was greeted warmly and appreciated Ryan’s (assistant) professionalism and personality to educate and entertain!  He helped to give me confidence in the root canal procedure and dispelling my apprehension.  Nature has a way of providing peace and the window view was like a beautiful painting.  Bonus!


Thank you so very much for your caring and compassionate nature, and for giving your patients the very best of care.

Thank you most of all for your integrity and honesty.   Your “bedside” manner is the best I’ve experienced.  God continue to bless and keep each of you.

Sincerely, Karen

Thank you for taking me on such short notice. I was in excruciating pain and you made sure I was comfortable by maintaining the pain. Your staff and office is amazing. The technology used in this office is beyond current.  I had a most amazing experience here and will definitely refer others.

Patient care is definitely first here.  Thank you for helping me to feel much better on such short notice.


My experience at Dr. Wilde’s office for a root canal was much more pleasant than expected.  He has a light touch with the tools and his staff is very efficient and professional.


My experience having a root canal by Dr. Wilde was pleasant.  I was very nervous and he was calm and comforting.


“You are life savers”



Dr. Jeremy Wilde is one of the finest endodontic specialists I have had in my 30+ years of getting root canals. He has the latest equipment and practices microscope dentistry.  Dr. Wilde cares about the patient first.  I would recommend him without hesitation.


Trust worthy, wonderful, caring, and very personable.  You are in great hands.  Dr. Wilde and his support staff takes care of your whole person.  I couldn’t be at a better place during a difficult time.   Thanks to all of you, I am recovering well!


I expect professionalism from the medical field; however, I did not expect the caring and quick response I received the day of my unplanned and unannounced visit.